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Manitoba On The Web Site Criticized for Creating Gambling Addicts

Manitoba On The Web Site Criticized for Creating Gambling Addicts

A Manitoba online site,, has come under scrutiny from a problem that is former who claims that the online gambling site could become a problem for the Manitoba area, and that others could easily become hooked on gambling. The casino that is online government-run and operated.

‘I think on the web gambling, for anyone the indegent who will put it to use, is deadly,’ told gambling that is former ‘Marie’ to CBC news recently.

‘We’re very proficient at hiding it,’ she added. ‘we are excellent at being secretive. And now you are putting gambling online? Well, they could lay during intercourse with their credit gamble and card for their heart’s content.’

‘Marie’ recently gave up gambling, after sixteen years of playing keno and bingo in casinos led her to develop an addiction to gambling.

Since the site premiered in January this season, more than 4,000 users have registered to, that was founded to compete with the ever-increasing array of unregulated websites which see residents of Manitoba fork out around $40 million each 12 months.

However, the worry comes from the truth that a regulated, secure site such as will attract newcomers to online gambling who would otherwise not have tried it down. Perhaps they think safe means they can’t lose?

Those behind argue that safeguards exist on the website to help alleviate problems with gambling addiction, amongst which are mandatory