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This is just what It Is Like to Break The Penis

This is just what It Is Like to Break The Penis

Ross Asdourian suffered penis that is severe after intercourse gone incorrect. This will be his tale.

Ross Asdourian broke his penis. Poorly. In reality, it absolutely was one of many worst penis-breaks on medical record. The break took place the means you could expect (during intercourse) and also the pain felt as if you can also expect (excruciating). Asdourian was pretty tight-lipped in regards to the ordeal that is whole a whilst. He didn’t say such a thing to buddies or family that is extended conserve for his mother, whom knew and contributed to the data recovery.

But sooner or later, Asdourian, a comedian and writer, knew the solution ( so what does it feel just like to split your penis?) and humor of their tale and thought that their ordeal additionally the method he chose to process it ( with a wink) may help some dudes that are dealing with some stuff that is similar. Therefore, he published a written book about this. Called cracked Bananah, it is, as the description states, a honest journey through serious genital upheaval. It is also quite funny.

We talked to Asdourian by what it had been choose to break their penis, the healing process, and just why he believes their tale may be worth sharing.

Let’s simply go to the relevant concern for the hour: exactly how did you break your penis?<